Photo courtesy artist

On Friday, U.K. rapper-producer Sam Cotton released his debut Afters at 109 EP.

The project, which follows his previously released single "Find My Way," features six previously unreleased tracks, out now via AWAL. It's a standout release, one drawing on Cotton's influence from jazz and hip-hop-meets-house beats. It's one reflective of his experience at university, as his dorm room doubled as a bedroom studio, sometimes just moments after parties, hanging out with friends, with the haze of smoke filling the room deep into the late-night hours.

“I haven’t heard much jazz piano on house songs so thought this would be quite an intuitive and a good idea—and boy it was," says Cotton. "The piano adds to the sexy/chill mood, somewhere in-between jazz bar and dance club. Someone said it was like walking down the beach at sunset and then entering a beachside bar halfway through.”

Check out the full EP now.