Nightly, photo by Zach Pigg

It's another busy Friday for new music, and of course, there's plenty to love. In addition to a new single from Miley Cyrus, there are new albums from Zach Bryan, Nightly, Handsome Ghost and Ta-ku, as well new singles from some Variance favorites such as Noah Richardson, The Killers and more.

Listen to new Zach Bryan album here and new Miley Cyrus single here.

Check out some other highlights below.

Nightly — wear your heart out

Today is the day Nightly released their wonderful sophomore album, wear your heart out, which follows their 2020 album night, love you.

The 14-track album was written and produced by the band themselves (Jon Capeci, Nicholas Saintato, and Joseph Baretta), and it marks some of their most candid material yet, while also marking a return to their roots.

Says Capeci: “Making this album felt the way that starting a band at age 12 does. Lots of jamming in the garage, no agenda – just pure enjoyment. Each song was started that way and we had the best time making it.”

Ta-ku — Songs To Come Home To

Following last month's release of the song "Way Out," featuring Milan Ring, Matt McWaters and Questlove, Ta-ku is making a grand return with his new album Songs To Come Home To, which is out today via Future Classic.

The riveting album marks the end of a seven-year hiatus for Ta-ku and it's one of the week's highlights in new music.

"This project is a culmination of my musical and visual journey over the last decade, marking the final chapter in the ‘Songs To’ series," said Ta-ku back in June when announcing the new project. "Grateful and thankful for your support, patience & love. I'm so glad we're home."

Hear the album now.

The Killers — "Your Side of Town"

The Killers on Friday released a new song called "Your Side of Town," which they teased earlier this week on social media.

Written by frontman Brandon Flowers, the new track is the band's first release this year. It's out now via Island Records. It was produced by The Killers, Stuart Price and Shawn Everett, and it comes as the band has been on tour overseas with a number of European and U.K. shows and festivals coming up, including Reading Festival in England this weekend.

Hear "Your Side of Town" above.

Noah Richardson — "I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love Again"

Philadelphia artist Noah Richardson is keeping us spellbound with his new song "I Don't Wanna Fall In Love Again," which just dropped today.

“Long legs long nights long conversation / Your lips take me to a destination," Richardson sings on the newly released track. "My first class ego trip vacation so validating / I said I never felt this way / But I said that all before / I swear this time I mean it”

According to the 24-year-old vocalist, the song is an ode to "that one connection that forever changes our perspective on love, leaving us yearning to keep this person close and never experience heartache again."

Hear it now.

Handsome Ghost — Handsome Ghost

As you might be aware, we've been eagerly awaiting this album for months, but today, Handsome Ghost has released their new self-titled record, out now via Nettwerk. And it's a beauty.

The duo made up of singer/songwriter Tim Noyes and multi-instrumentalist/producer Eddie Byun have crafted what they say is an album grappling with becoming stuck in a sort of never-ending adolescence while everyone else around you is growing up and moving on. Maybe it's because we're all getting older but are living in a world of such uncertainty (after the whirlwind of the last few years in society), but there's something so relatable and human about it.

Says Noyes: “On the songwriting for the record, at some point it hit me that I had been playing in bands for a very, very long time. I realized that music, for better or for worse, had become the defining element of my adult life. Countless tours and making records - I've had incredible experiences over the years that very few people get to have. But as a result, I have found myself stuck in some sort of partial state of adulthood and I recognize the impact that years in music have had on the other parts of my life. The songs on the album are an examination of those years spent pushing the musical rock up the musical hill, and where it's all led me. I'm less trying to answer the question of ‘was it all worth it?’ - though, for the record, I think it has been - and more just noting how it all happened, and documenting the good, the bad, and the ugly that I witnessed along the way.”

Listen to the full record now above.