Artwork courtesy artist

Hailing from Prague, singer/songwriter NOANNE crafts music that welcomes you into her unique, magical and captivating world. Her latest release “White Glove” not only transports you to this fairy-tale realm, but also tugs at your emotions, as NOANNE sings about a heartbreaking tale of a relationship coming to its demise. 

The raw lyrics paint a painful yet relatable picture of someone desperately trying to resurrect a dying relationship. NOANNE’s velvet vocals cut deep, as they soar over dramatic instrumentation that is fueled by a bold piano melody, dancing strings and driving percussion. This is a song that will remain stuck in your mind all day long. 

NOANNE takes inspiration from people and things outside of music, as she explores her love for theater, art, film and Artificial Intelligence. “White Glove” in particular hears the artist soaking up the artistic motifs of Marc Chagall, with the songwriter sharing, “Chagall's ability to blend reality with fantasy, to imbue the mundane with a sense of the extraordinary, mirrors the song's exploration of a love story that oscillates between the realms of a dreamy past and a stark present.”

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for lots more music from NOANNE this year.