Photo of LANY by Alessio Boni

Paul Klein, Jake Goss and Les Priest (aka LANY) have released their first "official" EP, i loved you., which features previously unheard tracks "youarefire" and "I Don't Care," as well as a remix of "Bad, Bad, Bad."

The collection marks a big moment for the Los Angeles pop outfit, which has seen its profile rise incredibly over the past year.

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Just a year after the trio shared their first material, a handful of tracks that have since acquired millions of streams online, they'll make their debut at Lollapalooza next month in Chicago. What a difference a year makes.

As for the EP, the band makes clear with these five tracks that they've find their sweet spot with a set of carefully crafted, sugary pop cuts about heartbreak and happiness.

Listen to i loved you. below, buy it on iTunes and go see these guys on tour.