Photo by Emma J Doyle

It's one of the best songs released so far this year, and now James Vincent McMorrow's "Gold" is available as a free download.

We've been obsessed with the track since it first debuted last month ahead of McMorrow's new album, Post Tropical, which is out now on Vagrant Records.

Interview with James Vincent McMorrow
"Gold" Included on Winter 2014 Mixtape

Speaking with Variance, the Irish singer discussed his mission to push music forward with the new record, explaining that "sometimes we forget the context for all the records that we love. We think that a record that was made in 1950, 1960, was trying to be nostalgic. It was trying to be cutting-edge. Marvin Gaye was the first to use a 808 on a commercial record. Some people were like, ‘What’s going on? This is conceptual, it’s progressive.’ The label struggled to release it because it was too far ahead of the curve. And even James Jamerson; he was pushing the limits and I think that’s good for music. We need that."

Download "Gold" here for a limited time.