Kanye West, fresh off some highly publicized chatter during recent shows, called in on Tuesday afternoon to New York's Hot 97 and discussed MTV's new "Hottest MCs in the Game" List rankings that place him as No. 7 behind Big Sean and Drake, among others. Although West praised his fellow rappers—specifically calling Wayne "the No. 1 rapper in the world" before clarifying that he believes Jay-Z and Eminem are among the elite, along with Wayne.

MTV actually debated heavily this week West's influence specifically as a rapper over the past calendar year, before ultimately placing him behind Big Sean—an MC heavily guided by West, having been featured on his Cruel Summer project.

West expressed dissatisfaction with his ranking, saying he was "bothered" by it. But he was quick to explain that the only way he is not in the top five is because the panel dug deep to find things they don't like about him, specifically naming his wearing a kilt at previous shows and also being in a relationship with Kim Kardashian.

Listen to the clip below: