L.A. Rochelle in 'Epilogue: Cigarettes, Knives & Jealousy' video

After releasing his CHAPTER 1 : DENIAL / ANGER EP last month, French newcomer L.A. Rochelle released a deluxe version on Friday.

Today, he is offering a video for his new track "EPILOGUE : CIGARETTES, KNIVES & JEALOUSLY," which is premiering now on Variance. It's a haunting, very emotional visual, as the singer reflects back on the experience which inspired the truly personal track.

"A few days before my friend Ange was tragically murdered, he had given me his old cam recorder," recalls L.A. Rochelle. "We loved film, movies, and each other, and after he passed, I became quite obsessed with recording everything. I’m not sure what caused me to hold onto this device so tightly if I’m being honest. Perhaps it was because it was one of the last tangible things I had of his, or perhaps it was because in some way, I felt like I was still able to share my life with him through the small screen of the VCR despite his absence."

He continues: "I think we tend to record things that we are afraid of forgetting. In many ways, after Ange, I became frightened of not remembering every single memory with someone, because I was never sure when that person would disappear on me."

The stunning video, helmed by director Gwil Doe and director of photography Adrien Brauge, can be seen now below.