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While they had our attention for much of last year as they teased the first half of their debut album Dreams You Don't Forget, Austin duo Night Traveler isn't wasting time in the new year.

Late last month, they shared their new song "Bad Enough," which is brimming with Springsteen vibes. And if it's blistering cold where you're at (like much of the country), it's the perfect accompaniment for a day inside by the fire.

"In the end we wanted to keep this one simple and sincere, written for our wives," they duo said in a note on Facebook. "It’s a nod to some of our favorite straightforward love songs from Springsteen. We had a rocking version with a key change that [Nick Box] graciously talked us out of...(maybe will play that version live someday), but ended here. Hope ya love it. Thank you for listening to our music."

As Night Traveler continues to captivate our ears, "Bad Enough" only further etches the duo in as one to watch right now.

Hear the song below.