Nik Kovacevic

Whether it’s the power of her invoking lyricism, or the blissful soul-inspired tones that sit atop unruly electronica, one thing is for certain when listening to “Flor de Louis”... Contemporary artist Lisabel has released a complete showstopper of a single. Her power to metaphorically depict familial memories brings her anecdotal tales full circle, as she blends her boundaryless musicality with abstract narratives in a truly unique way.

Lisabel’s latest release explores the relationship with her brother. Taking flight from her familial residence in the heart of Italy, she wrote the song whilst embarking on a flight back to London. Coining the metaphor usually known as "Flor de Lis" to describe the colourful aura that her brother emanates, her lyricism turns to the red and blue hues that depict the visionary bliss Lisabel experienced when taking flight.

However, it’s her power to complement such visionary portrayal with the dreamy electronica-inspired pop that has listeners enthralled by her individualistic sound. She confides, “I really like the musicality that lives in the phrase ‘Flor de Lis’ and as I researched the history of the term out I found out that in the 13th/14th century it was used by the French Monarchs as their coats of arms and it was often referred to ‘Fleur de Louis’ being that the term was coined by the French Kings. This discovery inspired me even more to write a story that could be perceived as a dedication to a person, as well as a more ‘abstract’ story.”

Complimenting idysocranic chronicles with a transifixing blend of synthesisers, funky rhythms and hypnotic beats, Lisabel’s latest release shines brightly. She proves that at her true core, she is a passionate storyteller, and one that is soaring to completely new heights!