Love Sick, photo courtesy artist

As rising duo Love Sick continues to tease up a new EP, the duo has shared their new song "Sick of Love," and we'll never get sick of it.

The rousing love-hate cut is a preview of the band's new Love mixtape, which is out Nov. 18. For those unfamiliar, the duo is made up of real-life couple Julie Canning and Shaun Knox, who together are making some of our favorite music right now.

Of the new project they said: "Love is a window into our relationship: the ups and downs, fights, good times and bad. Writing these songs together was like a form of couple's therapy and we turned our arguments into pop songs. There's a lot of breaking up going on, but we’re still together! The production is just the first vibes that came out sonically when we were writing them together, and we didn’t stray too much from those original demos. We’ve learned that if something feels goods just should just roll with it and have some fun, rather than sticking to our preconceptions of what Love Sick should sound like.”

Hear the new track now.